How Neurolumen was Invented

The day started like a typical school day. Shelly’s daughter, then 15, took a ride with a few of her classmates to high school that morning. On the way to school, a truck hit their car’s passenger side where her daughter Kara was sitting. Shelly received a phone call saying her daughter was in a car accident and she needed to come quick. Shelly recalls, when I arrived all I could see were emergency vehicles and flashing lights, I scanned the accident site looking for my daughter. Then I saw Kara on the side of the road, completely still, with no one around her. My first thought was she didn’t make it. Shelly hurried over to her daughter and to her relief, thankfully she was alive.

Will My Daughter Live?


Kara was transported to the hospital where they found she had damaged three of her vertebrae, dislocated six disks in her spine, and nearly crushed several organs in her abdomen. Doctors feared a two- inch shard of bone pushing into her lower spinal cord could paralyze her. Before the doctor went into surgery, he told Shelly there was a chance Kara could be paralyzed, and confined to a wheelchair even with this surgery. Shelly prayed “God will my daughter live?, please have the Doctor take his time”.

  • Friends and classmates rallying for Kara’s recovery

The waiting room soon filled with Kara’s friends and classmates rallying for her recovery. Shelly recalls, there were at least 100 kids there waiting for Kara to get out of surgery. Everyone was saying prayers for Kara. It was very emotional.

  • After 8 hours in surgery

After 8 hours, the doctor emerged from the operating room. The surgery took longer than expected but he wanted to make sure the hundreds of bone fragments from Kara’s injuries were removed. Shelly stayed by her daughters side reassuring Kara, they we’re going to get through this and she is going to be perfect. Kara was not told how severe her injuries were. Shelly said, Kara not walking was never a option.

  • Heart shaped post-its

There was an endless trail of friends that came to support Kara in her recovery. Each one leaving words of encouragement on a heart shaped post-it. Soon, the room was covered with heart shaped notes from her friends. There was a note that was stuck to the ceiling above Kara’s head that said, “Just remember Jesus has got you”. This note along with all the other ones kept Kara’s spirits high, giving her affirmation that Jesus was there for her and to push forward in her recovery. 

  • Going home

After several weeks in the hospital, Kara’s body healed enough for her to return home. She left with prescriptions for her pain, which are highly addictive. Shelly set out to find a way to get her daughter out of pain without the use of addictive medication. She wanted her daughter to have a quality life, not addicted to pain meds.

  • How Neurolumen was Invented

Shelly worked at a pain management clinic and made a fascinating discovery while treating a patient. When she applied laser and electrical stimulation at the same time, which are generally done in 2 separate treatments, she got dramatic results. The patients pain levels were dramatically reduced. Shelly tried this combination on her daughter to see if she would get the same results. After just one 30 minute treatment, Kara said, whatever you just did worked!

  • Testing the new device

Shelly partnered with doctors to test the new device. The results showed Kara’s pain relief had scientific basis. With the hard evidence in hand, Shelly patented Neurolumen, a portable device—made up of six Velcro straps embedded with LEDs, lasers, and electrical stimulators—that wraps around painful body parts to reduce swelling and increase circulation.

  • Why Neurolumen?

Today the Neurolumen is available though private insurance and to Veterans through the VA. Neurolumen and is FDA cleared. The Neurolumen is a non-invasive, drug-free unit that can be safely applied to any area of the body. You get fast-acting pain relief when needed, much like pain medication only minus the risk of adverse side effects.

Today, Shelly continues to pursue her calling to help people live a pain free quality life and is the Founder of Neurolumen LLC located in Oklahoma. Kara  is now 33, and a mother of 2 beautiful children. Kara uses the Neurolumen about once a month just as maintenance to keep her pain free.