Chronic pain can greatly impact your daily activities – preventing you from participating in work, play and sometimes even your relationships. For some, prolonged pain can limit even fundamental functions including the ability to simply sleep, sit or stand comfortably.

Veterans often experience certain medical conditions at higher rates as a result of events that occurred during their military service such as,.

  • Limitation of flexion of the knee
  • Lumbar and cervical strains
  • Phantom limb (post-amputation) pain
  • Paralysis of the sciatic nerve
  • Neuropathy
  • Limitation of motion of the ankle
  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Intervertebral Disc Syndrome (IVDS)
  • and more

Improvement in quality of life after only 30 days

Veterans that have received a Neurolumen are reporting a reduction in their need for medication, and 95% are reporting an improvement in their quality of life after only 30 days.

The Neurolumen is a non-invasive, drug-free unit that can be safely applied to any area of the body.

  • Neurolumen utilizes low-level LASERS, electrical stimulation and LEDs combined into an easy to apply flexible wrap. The restorative power of the light therapy not only decreases inflammation, but also increases circulation to offer an effective alternative for your pain relief. The
  • Neurolumen comes in a lightweight, portable case that’s designed for easy at-home use. It’s a fast-acting, non-invasive therapy and a safe alternative to prescription medication.

Neurolumen is Approved through the Central Office of the VA and FDA Cleared

  • Neurolumen is Approved through the Central Office of the VA , our GSA Contract is #V797D-40311
  • FDA cleared, the Neurolumen has also been certified by Intertek as meeting or exceeding stringent design, quality and safety standards.

How to request a Neurolumen through your VA

Your Primary Care Doctor will need to Simply complete a Prosthetics Consult with: Neurolumen PN-1000-1

No Substitutions because Patient requires:

12 Lasers

 24 LEDs, 

8 electrical stimulation electrodes.

We are here to help you start living a pain free life! Contact our customer service by calling 855-855-4648 with questions

Neurolumen is a Proud Advocate for United State Veterans.

Neurolumen is proud to work with veterans and Veterans hospitals around the country.