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Hand/Foot Wrap

A flexible wrap designed for the treatment of the hands and feet.

Part #0904224-05

Large Flex Wrap

This flex wrap is a replacement for the Extension wrap


Shoulder/Neck Wrap

Neck/shoulder wrap kit

Two large flex wraps designed for treating the shoulder and neck area

Part 0904224-06

Back Wrap 10" x 44"

The back wrap is a 10-inch by 44-inch wrap used to help treat the Back.

Part #0904223-00

Electrode Pads

Electrode Pads are needed to conduct Electrical Stimulation. The pads need to be replaced every 3-6 months

Part #0904800-00

Neurolumen Holster

A holster for the Neurolumen so you can use it on the move.

Part #0904445-00


A 9 volt wall charger designed to work with the Neurolumen Control Device.

Part #0904400-00

Wrap Link

The Wrap link helps secure the wraps