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A Breakthrough Pain Treatment Protocol

Neurolumen is excited to introduce e-Photonic Therapy — a pain treatment protocol that delivers three modes of healing energy in the form of laser, LED and electro-stimulation. This pioneering approach combines the restorative properties of biophotonic interaction with the therapeutic and analgesic properties of electrical stimulation. 

The resulting enhanced vascular circulation improves tissue perfusion, which in turn increases the tissue’s ability to transport toxins and other metabolic waste from the tissues surrounding the affected cells.

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Neurolumen's innovative technology offers dramatic improvement over conventional low-level laser (LLLT) devices.

When toxins, metabolites and other waste enzymes are more aggressively discharged from cells by only the application of biophotonic energy, they can simply accumulate in the surrounding tissues and soluble structures. Over time, these toxins may be osmotically reabsorbed into the treated cells, effectively re-impairing their respiration capabilities.

This is why laser therapy treatments often need to be reapplied in frequent succession to achieve lasting results. Neurolumen’s electrical stimulation improves vascular circulation and tissue perfusing, providing a unique mechanism to extricate these toxins and enhance metabolism resulting in more effective revitalization.

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Pain Management for
Home & Clinical Use

Neurolumen utilizes low-level LASERS, electrical stimulation and LEDs combined into an easy to apply flexible wrap. The restorative power of the light therapy not only decreases inflammation, but also increases circulation to offer an effective alternative for your pain relief.

  • Increased angiogenesis. Both blood capillaries and lymphatic capillaries have been clinically documented to undergo significant increase/regeneration.
  • Decreased C-reactive protein and neopterin.
  • Accelerated inflammatory cycle with diminished symptoms and earlier normalization.

Technical Product Information:

Part Number0904000-00
BatteryLithium-Ion 3.6V
Charger220/110 VAC, 50/60Hz input 9VDC
Laser Diodes 
Quantity per wrap2
Output Power60mW
LEDs, Red 
Quantity per wrap2
Output Power15mw
Leads, IR 
Quantity per wrap2
Output Power22mW
Tens (Load Impedance 500-550 ohms1)
Frequency2 Hz
Output Power100mA max
Pulse Voltage75VDC max
Pulse Width100us biphasic
Output Current100 mA max
Pulse Voltage75 VDC max
Pulse Width100us biphasic
Product #
Neurolumen LLC
Cardinal : 0904000-00